TNWC’s Mushroom Tea (2000mg)

True North Weed Co. is excited to provide a new way to consume your magic mushrooms! These organic tea blends will satisfy the even most discerning tea drinkers.

Magic Mushroom Teas come in three different flavours:

  • Mango Peach Tea
  • Lemon Ginger Tea
  • Summer Fruits Tea

Each 2-Pack of Magic Mushroom Teabag contains 1 full gram of Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms in each bag, for a total of 2 grams.

If you want to avoid eating dried magic mushrooms, consuming them via steeped tea is an excellent alternative. Our tea blends will satisfy even the most discerning tea drinkers, offering a pleasant tasting way to take your magic mushrooms.

For best results, let the teabag steep in hot but not boiling water for 10-20 minutes.

When drinking Magic Mushroom Tea you’ll notice the onset of effects more quickly compared to eating magic mushrooms, though you may experience these effects for a slightly shorter amount of time.

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