Orange Gelato AAAA (200oz)


50% Indica 50% Sativa
THC: 14%-21%

Love orange-flavoured strains? Love dessert? You’re in the right place. Gelato (aka Larry Bird) is the result of a collaboration between the notorious Cookie Fam group of breeders and Sherbinski. The breeders crossed Sunset Sherbet with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies to create a new strain with a unique twist on its flavour. In addition, it offers smokers a manageable THC concentration, making it supremely smokable any time of day or night. Its unique terpene content also affects its high, giving it some different effects than the average Girl Scout Cookie offshoot. Take a deep breath and dive into this delicious strain. Who says Orange Gelato has to be for dessert? Taking after its name, Orange Gelato’s primary aroma and flavour are a creamy, fresh orange citrus tang thanks to the presence of limonene in its terpene profile. Humulene, a hoppy flavonoid uncommon in many strains of cannabis, also lends its bitter taste to Orange Gelato. Caryophyllene, with a restrained, peppery scent, rounds out this strain’s aroma. Orange Gelato’s taste is no pushover, either. In fact, lighting up some of this strain only intensifies the aromas that it offers, crystallizing into a bold flavour as it marches across your tongue and into your lungs. With a THC concentration ranging somewhere between 14 and 20 percent, Orange Gelato has a fairly average cannabinoid profile. However, that’s perfect for newer smokers, who don’t want a single hit of this potent pot to knock them into an early nap or inescapable couch-lock. Smokers also report that Orange Sherbert makes them feel relaxed while simultaneously infusing them with an uplifted, happy euphoria. It may also inspire creativity, making it a favourite of many artists, musicians, writers, and more.


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