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Canadianmom.info Link & Format

Write a Review on canadianmom.info > MOM Reviews, after review is posted send us an email with the link and we will add your credit to your account.


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R/Q(1,2,3,4) Link & Format

Write a review on reddit Q(1,2,3,4) and get 800 points ($8), once you post a review send us the link and we will add the points to your account.

  • MOM name (Use 2 stars ** before and after the name to make it bold)
  • MOM info: (communication, customer service, processing time, shipping/packaging, etc)

  • Strains/Concentrates/Edibles/Products and Pictures: (share what you got and what you think – looks, smell/nose, taste, potency, effects, etc). Pictures can easily be uploaded to and shared from image hosting websites like imgur.com and then posting the link to it.

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